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Dryer Repair

Don’t leave your clothes high and (not) dry

Dryers are a time-saving laundry room convenience that we all depend on. So, when yours breaks down or malfunctions, it’s good to know that dryer repairs are available when and where you need them Live Appliances is renowned for exceptional service, efficiency, and professionalism with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Why You May Need Dryer Repair Services

Are you experiencing issues with your dryer not performing as expected? Live Appliances offers solutions for a range of dryer problems, from minor glitches to major repairs. Our skilled technicians efficiently diagnose and resolve issues to ensure your dryer operates optimally.

Live Appliances stands out due to our proficiency in servicing gas and electric clothes dryers from all major brands. Our team of professionals is equipped to handle the specific requirements of your Amana, Maytag, Kenmore, GE, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, or any other brand of dryer. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and updates across various brands to provide you with accurate and effective solutions.

Our specialists are equipped to promptly address your needs, whether you have a brand-new dryer or an older unit. At Live Appliances, we take a proactive approach by keeping a comprehensive inventory of the most common dryer replacement parts on hand. This strategic preparation enables us to efficiently address routine repairs during the initial service call, saving you time and ensuring a swift resolution to the issues affecting your dryer.

Choose Live Appliances for reliable and efficient dryer repair services. We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to your dryer’s unique specifications, providing you with peace of mind and convenience in your daily laundry routines.

When to call a Dryer Repairman

Your dryer won’t turn on.
If your dyer won’t work, check to see if it is unplugged or if a circuit break has been tripped. You may also have a bad thermostat, damaged terminal block, or broken start switch.

No heat is produced.
If your clothes tumble but the unit isn’t producing any heat, it may be due to a bad fuse, temperature switch, thermostat, or heating coils.
The drum doesn’t spin.
If the motor is running effectively, but the drum doesn’t spin, you could have a broken belt, bad roller, damaged motor, or idler pulley.

Your dryer gets too hot.
This dangerous situation could be a sign of a bad thermostat, clogged vents, or faulty heating coils.

Although your dryer may seem to be working properly, there may be underlying inefficiencies that are not immediately apparent. If you have noticed sudden increases in your energy bills, extended drying times, or unfamiliar noises coming from your appliance, it is advisable to contact your trusted dryer repairman for a thorough consultation. Regular maintenance can be the key to achieving the freshest and driest clothes, optimizing your dryer’s performance and energy efficiency.

Do not ignore the subtle indications that your dryer may require attention. By addressing issues promptly, you can improve the appliance’s functionality and potentially save on energy costs in the long run. Your dryer repair technician has the expertise to identify and fix any inefficiencies, ensuring that your laundry routine remains seamless.

In addition to our repair services, if it turns out that your current dryer is beyond repair or you’re in the market for an upgrade, we offer a range of high-quality dryers to meet varying needs and preferences. Our selection includes energy-efficient models and those equipped with advanced features. We provide a diverse array of options to suit your specific requirements. Trust us to provide reliable repair services and access to cutting-edge dryers, ensuring that your laundry appliances are both convenient and efficient.