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Error Codes for Bosch Washers

Here are some common error codes for Bosch washers:

  1. E02 – Water supply issue (no or insufficient water supply)
  2. E04 – Door not closed properly
  3. E13 – Drainage problem (water not draining properly)
  4. E17 – Water level too high
  5. E18 – Pump time exceeded (water not pumped out within the time limit)
  6. E23 – Anti-flood system has been triggered
  7. E27 – Door lock error
  8. E29 – Faulty water inlet valve
  9. E32 – Drum not rotating
  10. E33 – Drum blocked
  11. E34 – Overloaded
  12. E35 – Door lock sensor fault
  13. E36 – Internal fault with the water level sensor
  14. E37 – Faulty detergent drawer lock
  15. E40 – Door not closed
  16. E41 – Door open
  17. E43 – Unbalanced load
  18. E51 – Motor triac failure
  19. E52 – Motor fault
  20. E57 – Water level sensor fault

These codes can help diagnose issues with your Bosch washer. If you encounter any of these error codes, refer to your user manual for troubleshooting steps or contact Bosch customer support for assistance.

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