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Error Codes for Bosch Dryers

Here’s a list of common error codes for Bosch dryers:

  1. E01 – Door is not closed properly.
  2. E02 – The lint filter needs cleaning.
  3. E03 – The dryer’s exhaust duct or vent is blocked.
  4. E04 – The dryer’s exhaust duct or vent is too long.
  5. E05 – There’s a problem with the NTC sensor (temperature sensor).
  6. E06 – The dryer’s fan motor is faulty.
  7. E07 – Issue with the motor control module.
  8. E08 – There’s a problem with the heating element.
  9. E09 – The dryer’s heating element relay is faulty.
  10. E10 – Faulty control module or wiring issues.
  11. E11 – There’s a problem with the dryer’s drum motor.
  12. E12 – Issue with the drum motor relay.
  13. E13 – Faulty wiring or connection problems.
  14. E14 – The dryer’s filter is not inserted properly.
  15. E15 – Problem with the door lock switch.
  16. E16 – Issue with the dryer’s control module.

These error codes may vary slightly depending on the model of your Bosch dryer. Always refer to the specific user manual for your dryer model for the most accurate information.

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